Go Patriots!!!

Are you ready to watch the game tonight? I am. Took my bath early and dad bought me a new bag of Cheerios and staying up past my piggy bedtime. I heard I’m a good luck charm you know. Snort, snort! Bacon image


It’s Raining Spit

It hard keeping up in this dog world!
My neighbor pal Boulder came over for a visit. Who cannot love this furry guy, from his long tongue to his big paws and a whole lot of drool he’s awesome! We played in the grass, and I even shared my Cheerios with him.
Thanks pal for coming over for a visit! ๐Ÿ™‚


Can’t Resist

It’s exhausting being an average piggy! After mom gave me a bath yesterday and foo foo me up with all that stinky lotion, she actually thought i would possibly stay clean for more than a day.
Well that just didnt happen! Im not a girl you know!
She took me outside today to do some yard work and decided to drain the pool. That was it for me to see those awesome mud puddles that were calling my name. I looked at her and thought about it, but the mud puddles were to hard to resist.
After about few rolls, and of course a couple of good butt scratches,I was in heaven as you can see.image
This is the part when I as in heaven!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then thats when it all happened, my mom made me get out of my pigtastic puddle and go wash off in my Disney pool with some cherrios.image

After letting her clean me up, she rewarded me with a carrot and brought me in the house.
Needless to say after a snort and a grunt, I was off in my piggy dreams on the couch under my pillows and blanket.

Sleeping on the job

Who couldn’t ask for better weather today, hope you all enjoyed it and got out like I did.
I decided to started off with some grazing until that was not grabbing my attention so I decided to roll in some mud with my nice clean shirt that mom had just put on me, yeah, she wasn’t happy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oh well mummy, Pigs gotta do what a pigs gotta do, right?

If I stay still she won’t see me. (He he he)
…….She saw me! image

Of course I love water, so I decided to take a nap in my big boy piggy pool while she was in the middle of closing it up on me for the winter. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Still napping! …………..


After an hour taking my sun bath, I figured it was time to be a good piggy and let her finish.