New Piggy In The House

Ok, so I know what your thinking….  No mom and dad did not get me a brother or sister. ( ugh!!).
Since I’m still learning how to get my piggy hooves to hit the right letters on moms ipad. I decided to shop around to find mom an early valentines gift since I’m such a good piggy. I came across this website Esty. On there I found a piggy necklace that was just perfect for mom. I then got in contact with the store owner Kim, who was awesome enough to put my name on it for me. I knew mom was going to love it!  When it arrived I gave it to mom, she was in her glory and loved it! She has been wearing it ever since I gave it to her.Happy valentines day mom! Xoxo Bacon

Be sure to stop by Kim’s handmade store to checkout all the amazing jewelry she makes. Custom orders also available!
Tell her Bacon sent you!

Click here for Kim’s website link



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