Happy Fathers Day Poppa!


To my wonderful pigtastic poppa, hope you have a great Fathers Day!

I know sometimes I can be a pain in the piggy butt like making you get up at 4am for my feedings and not letting you get ready for work.  I drive you crazy when I hog the the bed but sometimes I just need your love. And when we lay on the couch together sucking up my quality time, it means the world. You spoil me rotten and you are the best piggy daddy in the world. Happy Fathers Day my big hunky poppa!! Love your pal Bacon. Snout kisses xoxo


Pig n’ Around

Finally got to use my big boy pool, or should I say it’s now my small boy pool this year. My big porker butt is starting to take up too much room in here, I need too cut down on those Cheerios!

Image This is me and my sister Nelly Bear soaking up some sun, don’t let her fool you with her innocent adorable look, she can be a Rottweiler when she doesn’t get her own way. She keeps me in line when I hog the blanket!!





Have a good piggy day my friends! -Bacon, The Spoiled Piggy xoxo

Shout out to my pals, my twin, coco, one spoiled cat, hope all is great!! 🙂

Carrot War…bad sister!


ImageIt’s seems like forever the last time I enjoyed the sunshine outside!! I miss my mud puddles and my big boy pool. Hopefully mom will fill that up soon.

Ok, you must all have to agree the cold has to go. It’s so awful, my piggy belly has gained so many rolls from being house bound that I’m starting to barely make it up when I jump on the bed and the couch. Time to start getting outside and loose this extra ham!

Me and my chihuahua sister Nelly Bear finally got to do some bonding today. We went outside for a bit, of course she ran circles and was to quick for me and the nerve of her stealing my carrots! What dog steals a pigs carrot? Really?? ….and she loves eating my Cheerios, what’s this piggy gonna do???

She does all these fancy dances for treats, it’s kinda cute but don’t mess with the ham of the house Nelly Bear!!!





 Yes my friends, I have a new dog sister!!! Her name is Nelly Bear and she is 7 lbs full of diva! OMP!!

She definitley gives me a run for my money, shes cute, spunky, fast, and she can wear cute little dresses as you can see.  But don’t worry, wait till I teach her the ropes on the spoiled life! Keep you posted on how it goes my friends!     Xoxo- Bacon

New Piggy In The House

Ok, so I know what your thinking….  No mom and dad did not get me a brother or sister. ( ugh!!).
Since I’m still learning how to get my piggy hooves to hit the right letters on moms ipad. I decided to shop around to find mom an early valentines gift since I’m such a good piggy. I came across this website Esty. On there I found a piggy necklace that was just perfect for mom. I then got in contact with the store owner Kim, who was awesome enough to put my name on it for me. I knew mom was going to love it!  When it arrived I gave it to mom, she was in her glory and loved it! She has been wearing it ever since I gave it to her.Happy valentines day mom! Xoxo Bacon

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Tell her Bacon sent you!

Click here for Kim’s website link