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It all happened on September 28, 2012 when my husband finally gave into me and said yes we could get a piggy. Our first cocker spaniel had passed away in march 2012 from kidney failure and my other spaniel seemed to be lonely without him.
That’s when I came across a cute little piggy online. I started doing my homework and was soon in contact with a great breeder, NashasLittlePiggies and saw this cute black piggy with a white stripe on his head that was just adorable.
My dog Betsy warmed up to him very quickly sleeping together under the Christmas tree every night.
One week before Christmas I had taken my dog for her routine rabie vaccine, and that night she began to get sick and was unable to stand. A couple of days after, her heart had stopped and she passed away while she was in the vet overnight. For days after, bacon would always look under the tree to see if she was there but the spot was empty.

It has been a rocky road since then, from learning to potty train (on my rugs) to opening my refrigerator and my cupboards all by himself. Besides all the habits, ( oh.. and driving my breeder nuts with questions and tons of emails) we have a unconditional love for Bacon.
Piggies have such a strong bond to their owners, and I never knew how different it would be living with a piggy. Finally and lastly, he is our spoiled baby and very blessed to have him in our lives. I hope you enjoy our blog, and follow the life of Bacon. I always love tips and feedback, thanks.

Betsy-Rainbow Bridge 2012

Betsy-Rainbow Bridge 2012


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